JOMON Krocchi in Hokkaido “AKAN”


Akanko Ainu Kotan, home of the folk crafts and the dances is located in Lake Akan spa town, lakeshore area. Lake Akan is in Akan national park, east Hokkaido, and famous for Marimo. Ainu traditional dance, Ainu puppet play and Iomante Fire Festival are performed here, and you can learn the ancient Ainu living and the culture at Ainu Living Memorial Hall. We hold a lot of interesting events, such as the Mukkuri(Ainu instruments) class or the lecture of Ainu history. In Ainu Kotan, there are many folk craft souvenir shops, and some restaurants where you can enjoy Hokkaido and Ainu cuisine and coffee shops. Please come to Lake Akan and do come to Ainu Kotan!

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