Episodes “Krocchi the Street Cat”

 – Hiding tears behind hydrangea –



Chappo, a housecat, admires Krocchi and dreams about a free life of a streetcat. One day, he decided to run away from his home. Chappo was spending happy days with Krocchi who had become his good pal and taught him how to live on the streets. But, Chappo had his feet badly injured due to his carelessness. Realizing that Chappo could spend the rest of his life dragging his feet, Krocchi steeled his heart and took a drastic action.




– Cherry blossom rain –



Kuma is a black cat with a bent tail whose heart is innocent like that of an angel. He has a minor level of intellectual disability and is slow-paced, not able to hunt and get his own food. Krocchi takes care of Kuma as if Kuma is his own younger brother. Tonight, the park is full of people who came to view the flower blossoms, which means it’s a special night once a year when the street cats can feast on the leftovers after midnight. Krocchi, however, cannot move because he is suffering from food poisoning. ”But I wanted to let Kuma enjoy the good food!” laments Krocchi, and then a miracle of love happens.



– Summer Festival –



The sound of the summer festival drums coming from afar. Whenever he hears this sound, Krocchi remembers his eldest brother Krobee who was killed in a traffic accident on an evening of the summer festival. Many years has passed since then, and the festival day has arrived again. In the early evening light, Krocchi saw a car rushing toward two kittens playing around. Without thinking what would happen to him, Krocchi jumped at the kittens frozen in front of the car trying to save them. With the screeching sound of the car brakes, Krocchi regained his consciousness to see an unbelievable scene.




– A snack offering from Ume-chan –



On an extremely hot summer day, a kitten Krocchi had lost sight of his parents and siblings and become unable to move being dehydrated when a local volunteer for street cats. However, no one wanted to adopt Krocchi with nasty look and thick voice. Six months later, he eescaped from the shelter where he had no freedom and ran into snowy streets, ending up being hungry, cold, and unable to move. “I’m finally going to die here.” thought Krocchi when he smelled plum blossoms and followed it to a garden where there was a tortoiseshell cat with shiny coat. What Ume-chan, the tortoiseshell cat, gave Krocchi?




– Krocchi paying a visit to Yohaneko (weakling cats) –


As an indispensable part of his daily routine, Krocchi pays a visit to house cats living on Yohaneko Street. Krocchi looks down upon those house cats calling them Yohaneko (weakling cats), and enjoys teasing them showing how free a street cat is, focusing his mighty eyes, which he is proud of, on a coward cat and make him loose his consciousness, and transferring fleas to a long-haired European breed. He evens jumps up at Gonzo the Crow. Even such a marverick, Krocchi goes to a certain place when he gets depressed being hungry on a day of heavy raining.